Synopsis of Meeting between Bishop Olmsted, Fr John Nahrgang, and Jesse & Anita Romero on January 31st 2022

Everything that I am writing was agreed upon by his Excellency Bishop Olmsted, Fr Nahrgang, my wife Anita Romero and myself in a 90 minute meeting (1-31-22) which was a model of Christian communication, respect and unity.

I (Jesse Romero) a faithful son of the Church am in communication with the Diocese of Phoenix, I met with his Excellency Bishop Olmsted and Fr John Nahrgang (Vicar for Evangelization and Education). It was clarified at our meeting and agreed upon that assembling for prayer in front of the Saguaro hotel on Feb 11,12,13, falls under the definition of a “prudential judgement.”

A prudential judgment is an evaluation of a situation where we use the virtue of prudence in order to determine the best approach to resolving the issue at hand (see Catechism 1806 for more on prudence).

When faithful Catholics disagree on a matter of prudential judgement, the key difference is over the particular application of a moral principle, not the moral principle itself. The moral principle in play here is confronting evil, and we all agree on its importance.

Bishop Olmsted has invited the faithful to apply this principle in this way –  (that his letter before our meeting). Catholics may discern with the help of God in examining their conscience whether they are also at peace with gathering in front of the hotel to pray in reparation for the evil being done and for the conversion of the participants. We can all agree that WE MUST ALL UNITE IN PRAYER! Let every person listen to God speaking through his or her conscience and not look down on anyone else for their decision.